Room Menu

Selection menu works with selected items. Press 6 or right navigation key to open this menu in

chat room

Private message

You can send private message to other users. In chat room or in other place select user whom

you want to send private message. And then select Private message and click on Apply

Add to address book

To add other user(s) into your contact book, select Add to address book option and Apply you

will find your Contact book in Questionnaire option

Send photo from camera

You can send photo directly from you phone (capture and send) by applying option Send photo

from camera

Send file

You can send any file (with any extension up to limit of 8MB ) to other users from Send file



To get information of any user, please select any user from chat room or from other where else

and press 6 and select Information and click on Apply . You will see his/her nick, ID, sex, family

status, font color, country, city, in chat since, last visit/login. You will get more information by

clicking on Personal information in left bottom of the opened window. Here is first name, last

name, birth date, Zodiac sign, Chinese sign, and get more information bye clicking again About

yourself option. You can add any user to your ignore/black list - if you not want to receive any

messages or files from him/her. To add someone into your ignore/black list, open selection menu

after select that user. After that, select Into ignore-list option from right bottom of opened


View photo

You can view photo of selected user by applying View photo option on selected user's menu


You can check any user's rating. Select Rating and Apply. you will see how much messages

he/she has sent in main room and in private message. You will also see users ranking by rating

In AVACS Live Chat, here is 8 rank by rating. Ranks are below

Novice - all users 0 to 100 messages

Amateur - all users 100 to 500 messages

Company-keeper - all users 500 to 2000 messages

Hunter - all users 2000 to 5000 messages

Veteran - all users 5000 to 25000 messages

Elder - all users 25000 to 100000 messages

Chat\s long-liver - all users 100000 to 300000 messages

Neo - All users 300000+ messages


You can check any user's Status, whether he/she is online or not. And check user's last online


About room

You will get information of a chat room by applying option About room. Room name, room type,

room rating, online male/female users number, room language, room creator (if u see this blank -

it means room created by system - not created by any user), room's owner, creation date of that

room, number of total messages posted in main room. Click More from left bottom of about

room window to get information of vote statistic, who is online in the room, list of room

Moderators (see this later) and you can see all banned user of room from option in Read only

mode. You can vote for a room from option Vote, from right bottom corner of about room window

(explain this later). You can check who has voted a room and how much - within last 48 hours.

Messages to chat Thins is just a option to send message to chat room. You can also send

messages to main room directly by pressing ok, 5 or # key

Link to chat

This is a option to post more things in chat room except normal messages

    To send photo from your phone directly to chat room - use Photo from camera option

To upload and post any file in main room directly from you phone's memory - use File from

phone option

You can post to main room, your incoming files (which you've received from other users) by

Incoming files option

You can post a big message or post a story by using option - Link to story


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